ALSI amended its bylaws in 2006, to allow any Lebanese registered company and all IT professionals to become active members in the association.

Membership at ALSI had been exclusive available for Software and IT companies operating in Lebanon. However, given the
  • Proliferation and increasing importance of the software Industry in all aspects of the corporate value chain, and
  • The fact that the software Industry is a national interest that would allow Lebanon to compete in the knowledge revolution.

ALSI offers its members an array of benefits and opportunities targeted at promoting and supporting a prolific environment, one that encourages the sustainable development and growth of the Lebanese software industry.

Networking, Exposure and Participation
ALSI offers corporate and individual members the opportunity to:
  • Promote the Lebanese Software Industry and raise awareness about its achievements.
  • Promote their company’s area of expertise, activities and create awareness on the product/service offering.
  • Attend workshops and roundtable/panel discussions workshops, and conferences. Subjects are tailored to members’ needs and - include new technologies, new management techniques and programs; international quality standards and certifications etc.
  • Network and participate in forums and exhibitions (local, regional and international).
  • Participate in Focus Groups to discuss challenges and solutions and offer recommendations for action plans and strategies.
  • Apply the latest methodologies and quality standards to confer credibility and recognition to their products.
  • Meet with and exchange expertise with renowned IT and Software experts.
  • Be exposed in Media Channels.
  • Access communications on the latest industry news.

Capacity Building and Industry Information
ALSI periodically provides its corporate and individual members with:
  • Human resources and capacity building training programs in a spectrum of state of the art value adding themes (IT, software development, applications, program management, and best practices in software engineering and quality assurance etc.)
  • Recruiting support
  • Contractual templates covering legal and property right issues

Facilitate Access to Capital, And Partnership Opportunities
ALSI facilitates access to:
  • Individual and corporate investors whether local or foreign
  • Key players and business networks for potential alliances, partnerships, collaborations, joint ventures and/or mergers and acquisitions
  • R&D alliances (Inter-firm or research projects in collaboration with institutes of higher learning)

Business Opportunities and Market Expansion
  • Channel business inquiries to members related to their respective areas of expertise.
  • Solicit business opportunities to member firms.
  • Capitalize on expatriate networks to facilitate the export of Lebanese software.
  • Propagate information related to IT and Software events in Lebanon.

Liaising With Official Bodies
By serving as both spokesperson and advocate, ALSI assists its members to develop organized communication channels with the Lebanese - Government; such role includes advocacy for:
  • Boosting government IT spending
  • Developing Private/Public Sector initiatives and Partnerships
  • Strengthening the regulatory framework

Other Members’ Services
Other members’ services include Member Feedback Meetings and social events all meant for the members to interact and share experiences.
  • Link to ALSI’s website
  • Member feedback Meetings
  • Access and invitations to social/ professional events
  • Free Job Posting on ALSI’s website
  • Downloadable CV for Individual professional members.

Please see our full list of business Individuals below:
  • Ali Ataya, senior consultant - Evolusys Lebanon.
  • Bernard Eid, general manager - GPCS.
  • Joe Tatarian, managing director - Mindsource S.A.L.
  • Jad Bou Chebl, general manager - In2utitions.
  • Mazen Sleiman, project manager - Astrolabe ICT.
  • Nahi Al Jawad, general manager - Digits
  • Ziad Eid, id director/CIO - Universite Saint Esprit Kaslik-USEK
Please see our full list of business partners below:
Type Annual Subscription Fee
Corporate Members $ 1500.00
Individual Members $ 100.00