For each industry component, ALSI has identified a number of activities that correspond to a number of action items. The comprehensive results of the “Model for Growth” workshop are presented in "A Strategy for the Lebanese Software Industry"

Facilitating Exports and Promoting the Industry Thanks to its geographical location and its multilingual culture, Lebanon has easy access to many regional and international markets.
The Lebanese software industry has been capitalizing on such advantages to open new markets for its products and services. However, more support and effort should be exerted for Lebanese software companies to sustain and increase their market reach.
Development of Human Resources Lebanon boasts long established world class higher education institutions that have the capacity to generate software industry professionals. Yet, higher education offerings need to be strategically aligned with the local software industry needs in order to provide for the required resources and skills.
Further, R&D alliances amongst local software companies and universities are a major constituent for the creation of software products, an aspect that requires special attention
Facilitating Access to Capital and Financing Financing is a crucial need for software companies, particularly at this stage of industry development. Financing is thus needed for the:
  • Creation of new products, introduction of new services, and entry into new markets.
  • Sustainability of growth and improvement of cash flows.
Self-financing is not sufficient to progress the industry. As such, financing, through capital funds or loan schemes, is essential and will have a direct positive and measurable impact on the performance and growth
Enabling Local Markets Lebanese software companies have the capability and competence to deliver and supply both private and public clients. Therefore it is important that both public and private Lebanese organizations prioritize purchases from the local industry. This will not only promote the sustainability of the industry but also encourage the sector to engage in the development and production of cutting edge products and services that would also be used for export
Improving the Performance of Companies To address both the needs of the local and international markets, Lebanese software companies need to improve their performance and raise the level and quality of their products and services. One method to achieve such performance improvement is through the adoption of international quality standards and certification
Strengthening the Regulatory Framework The present regulatory framework has not evolved to where it responds to the requirements imposed by the new economy, therefore creating barriers to entry and constraints for the growth of the software
Community Building The majority of local software companies fall under the classification of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). A software community will allow companies to:
  • Build Inter-firm strategic alliances
  • Identify areas of synergies and;
  • Create the critical mass required to respond to large sized projects
Development of an Infrastructure The development of a reliable and affordable infrastructure is essential and of critical importance for the Lebanese Software Industry to:
  • Produce competitive products and services.
  • Position as a leading exporter of products and services.
Fostering Entrepreneurship Innovation is an essential driver for growth in the software sector. As such, start-ups, particularly by the student or fresh graduate community and entrepreneurs with innovative market ideas need to be both