Driven by the potential viability and competitiveness of the Lebanese software industry and the challenges faced by local players, a group of software companies identified the need for a professional association that would strengthen the sector, unify the voice, address the growing concerns and represent the Lebanese software community with diverse stakeholders.

The concept of such a professional association came about in 1999, when it became clear that

  • A collaborative effort of all software companies promised to improve the environment for the software industry. I.e. The future of private firms is dependent on the evolution of the totality of the sector.
  • The sustainability of private enterprises was closely related to the country’s performance and ability to become a regional and international player in the field of software. I.e. A favorable environment is a prerequisite for Lebanese software companies to compete with international firms.

  • Close collaboration between private and public stakeholders is crucial to the success of the sector.

The concept gradually became a reality when by 2001; ALSI’s founding firms, finalized the association’s legal statutes, vision and mission.

On September 1st, 2002, ALSI officially started operations

In 2003, ALSI developed a comprehensive strategy for Lebanese Software Industry, "A Model for Growth". The strategy came about as a result of ALSI’s acute efforts and the support of the Ministry of Economy and Trade.